During our recording session yesterday with Cory Reese (his show will air Tuesday September 13th, 2016), Aric commented that I only run early in the morning (o’dark thirty) which is true and it got me thinking…am I missing out by keeping vampire hours?  I run early out of necessity, having to be at work by 8am on some days and the other days the kiddo has school at 8:30am, so a 4am or a 5am start is necessary to get in quality training during the week.

So here’s my list of Advantages of Running Early:

  • Trails are less crowded. Although there are more and more people every year, which is rad to see others out getting in training early in the morning, it’s a far cry from the freeway that ensues during the daylight.
  • Not as many mountain bikers. Unless it’s Brent Pontius then you can expect to see him out at 5am and he’s a cool dude.
  • You see more wildlife. Bunnies, deer, bobcats, mountain lions (Tara Warren sees one like every week, not.even.kidding!), tarantulas, and those crazy little birds with the red satan eyes, yep see all those critters in the dark.
  • Less likely to cross paths with a rattlesnake. Unless you are Debbie Farka, who seems to emit a particular pheromone that the buzz worms can’t resist.
  • The trail creepers usually aren’t out. Let’s face it the trails aren’t this bucolic state of nirvana that we pretend they are. They attract, trail runners, mountain bikes, sweet old ladies hiking up the Beus trail, families exploring Waterfall canyon, and unfortunately the underbelly of society like to wander the single track lurking about, making everyone feel uncomfortable. Yeah, 99% of the time those creepers are not out at 4am.
  • Full moon runs are awesome. Sunrise and sunsets are spectacular. I would rather enjoy a sunset with a beer in hand and hanging out with good friends, but maybe that’s just me.

So what else can I add to the list as an advantage of running early?

Alright, so as I mentioned already we have a fantastic show coming out tomorrow with Cory Reese. Cory escaped satan’s microwave that is Southern Utah and headed up our way to pace a good friend at Wasatch. Some of the topics we covered: quadruple St. George Marathon, eating a whole box of twinkies, Cory’s infamous catsuit, Badwater, and his new book, Nowhere Near First, which you can order =>HERE<=.

grand-opening-online-adOn Tuesday we will be doing a podcast at the new McKay Dee Surgery Center and Orthopedics for the Grand Opening. That show will air on Wednesday September 14th. We would like to thank McKay Dee for sponsoring the TrailManners podcast for September.

For Thursday we have a Single Track Session coming your way. Topics include:

  • Wasatch 100
  • IMTUF 100 (best of luck to Harrison Fluman, Debbie Farka, and Ben Wallace)
  • Run Rabbit Run (good luck Jon Stuart!)
  • Megan Hicks and Nolans 14
  • Beanies

Gear Garage this week will highlight the UltrAspire Spry and Formula 250 flask.

I hope everyone has a great week, now go get it!

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