We are a couple of really fortuante guys- we know it and we are grateful. To get an opportunity to sit down with Bryce is special. We have known Bryce for many years and we absolutely consider him a friend. His story is very special and we wanted to share just a bit of it on the show. You need to understand that a podcast like this can really last a couple days but we tried to hit some big topics and then just let Bryce go. TrailManners is very much into to the history of the sport -as much as we are into beer and cheese curds.

Thank you Bryce for taking the time to chat and thank you for helping make the sport of trail running what it is today. We are grateful for all you have done. Good Luck and we hope to sit down with you again!

Show Notes:

  • The Master of Hydration Gear
  • From Levi marble bags to Today
  • History of hydration gear
  • UltrAspires new stuff for 2018
  • Future trends

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