Contest time! We have a free entry to give away for the Beaverhead 100k or 50k, but you have to listen to the show first.

We are BACK IN THE BUS- Studio 78 never felt so good. The bus braved the rain and pulled into the Beus Trailhead in beautiful Ogden, Utah for a fun show. After we cover some of the basics we got right after it.

Special guest- Crew Master/Studio78 repairman and all around good guy Lane Farka joined us to cover the ins and outs of crewing. Last week we covered pacing so the next logical step would be the best way to crew your runner. Although there is no “perfect” way to do it- we try to discuss the things that can make it a success. Being a part of a crew means you are part foot doctor, treasure map reader, nutritionist, cab dancer, motivational speaker, time manager and responsible friend. It may not all be roses and rainbows but to see your runner reach their goal is priceless.
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Show Notes

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