We caught up with Tara Warren for episode #312 to talk about her FKT on the Kalalau Trail as well as the upcoming Running Up for Air Series (RUFA) and her RD role at the Malans event. If that wasn’t enough she is about to board a flight to head over to Oahu to race the HURT 100. 

Thanks Tara for hanging out and taking time during a very busy month!

Show Notes:

Episode #315: Will Frantz – Nutrition TrailManners

Nutrition is a monster topic and definitely not a one size fits all. On this episode we just crack the surface on some nutrition ideas and topics. We hope to get Will on again and get deeper into specifics. Make sure to email us your questions for next time!   Show Notes: Nutrition Rabbit Hole Understanding Nutrition  Recovery Questions from TrailManners listeners See the links below for more: Trail and Ultra Running Nutrition: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trailultranutrition Website: https://willfrantz.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/will.c.frantz/ Podcast: https://anchor.fm/eatsleeprun
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