Preston is back to the mainland from Oahu where he toed the line at the ominous HURT 100. We had Preston on a few weeks ago and talked about his approach and race strategy going into his second HURT 100.  We get a blow by blow of the race and some great information for anyone planning on racing this year. Preston also shows us what this sport is all about with a tough end to the race.

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Episode #315: Will Frantz – Nutrition TrailManners

Nutrition is a monster topic and definitely not a one size fits all. On this episode we just crack the surface on some nutrition ideas and topics. We hope to get Will on again and get deeper into specifics. Make sure to email us your questions for next time!   Show Notes: Nutrition Rabbit Hole Understanding Nutrition  Recovery Questions from TrailManners listeners See the links below for more: Trail and Ultra Running Nutrition: Website: Instagram: Podcast:
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