Here we go, Here we go, here we go again! We are back and right out of the gate we wanted to do a 2 part series. Before and after your first 50 mile trail race. Our good friend Kirk Probasco is about to take on the Buffalo Run 50 mile race on March 24, 2023. This will be his first 50 mile race and we get him behind the mic to get some thoughts. This show is much more than someone taking on a 50 mile race, Kirk has conquered so much more in his life. He started running at 47 years old and hasn’t looked back.

Good Luck Kirk! Now Go Get It!

Show Notes:

  • How you started running
  • Why a 50 miler now?
  • Pre-race thoughts
  • Suiting up and Showing up
  • Being grateful

P.S. Happy Birthday mom. I love you and miss you. This ones for you!

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