This guy doesn’t really need much introduction so we will dive right into it. When we put Bryon behind the mic we had a few ideas what we wanted to discuss but we ended up everywhere. We had an amazing time talking about so many topics and stories but we thought we should put him on the spot with a few tougher questions.

Also we have a contest in play for the new book; Where the Road Ends by Meghan & Bryon. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast- we have 3 to give away.

Thanks to Bryon and Meghan and their entire team at iRunFar for all they have done to the trail community over the last 8+ years.
Show Notes:
  • Hardrock 100
  • iRunFar
  • New Book: Where the Roads Ends
  • Advice to new trail runners
  • CONTEST!!!!- don’t miss this one
Photo Credit: Jared Campbell

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