When we got the opportunity to go to the UltrAspire house during Outdoor Retailers- we jumped. It was truly an all-star line up of not only amazing athletes but absolutely remarkable people.

The format was different and we had to be on our toes after recording 6 shows earlier in the day.
Our first podcast features Bree Lambert and Ian Sharman. Bree was gearing up for a run at Tahoe 50 and Ian was headed back to the Leadville 100 (Ian went on to win…again).
We talked about the sport of trail running, coaching and yes some racing as well.
Take some time and head over to their websites to have an more in-depth look as well as see if they may be the right coach for you!
Show Notes:
  • Coaching
  • Running¬†
  • Racing
  • Our sport

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