It was a pleasure to get to sit in the “stands” at the Speedgoat Croquet Court and talk to the legend, Karl Meltzer about his FKT on the AT. We knew he had already sat down with so many people and shows in the past that we mixed it up a bit and asked him questions from our listeners to spice it up.
We also were able to talk about the future of the SpeedGoat 50k and pick his brain on other trail running topics.

He mentioned “something” he is planning with Redbull and we can’t wait to hear more. Enjoy the show and don’t forget about BOTH of the cool contests!

Check out Karl’s website for coaching and more HERE.

Interested in the UltrAspire SpeedGoat belt? Check it out HERE
Wanna try some First Endurance Ultragen or read more about it- Check it out HERE.

Show Notes:

  • Appalachian Trail FKT: 45 days 22 hours 38 minutes
  • Question for our listeners
  • Advice for trail runners
  • What’s next?
  • First Endurance Ultragen Contest
  • UltrAspire “Ultimate Karl Meltzer Prize Pack”

ULTIMATE Karl Meltzer Prize Package

In honor of Karl Meltzer setting the new Appalachian Trail Speed Run Record (45 Days 22 Hours 38 Minutes), we’re giving away the ULTIMATE Karl Meltzer Prize Package with autographed apparel, including his signature belt the Speedgoat!

Three ways to enter…(complete all three for multiple entries into the drawing)

1. “Like”
2. “Share”
3. In the “Comment” tag those who has inspired you along your running journey.

We’ll draw a winner on Friday, October 28th.

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