UPDATE: Before the release of the Podcast- The North Face Endurance Challenge has cancelled their event and donated to to be prize purse to relief efforts. Thank you to our Veterans, Safe Thanksgiving travels and year #4 is just around the corner.

Show Notes:

  • Getting ready for Year #4
  • Flag for Veterans Day and Mayor Taylor
  • Bird is the word- Safe Thanksgiving Travels
  • Beaverhead Contest Winner
  • North Face Endurance 50 mile preview (Race has been cancelled)
  • Path Projects
  • Ask TrailManners

PC: Henry Howard- Lafayette, IN- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

We are proud and happy to be partnering with an amazing apparel company- Path Projects. Please head over to pathprojects.com/trailmanners for a chance to win a cool hat- 10 lucky winners.

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