While the Bossman is tanning his checks in Palm Springs for Christmas Vacation, I got out on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for some slushy miles. Running in fresh snow is never easy, but it’s always rewarding with the extra strength work and the calm hush that falls over the single track.

We are only a few days away from wrapping up our Kickstarter campaign and we want to thank everyone who has donated. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the outpouring of support. We are confident that the Kickstarter campaign will fully fund and we can upgrade to better equipment. If you have been on the sidelines waiting to donate, please click on the logo below and help us out.

Kickstarter logo for the TrailManners Kick starer campaign.

The Dirt and The Vert For December 20th – 26th 2015

This week is going to be a soggy mess here along the Wasatch with up to 6 feet  predicted for the mountains and rain-snow mix for the valleys. We hope everyone is playing it safe and sticking to the lower elevation trails until the snowpack settles out a bit.

Monday we will publish an Adventure report of Great Basin National Park.

Tuesday we have a very special podcast with one of the founders of Altra, Brian Beckstead.

Wednesday we have a new column, Ramblings of an Old Man, from Jim Skaggs. Many of you know Jim as the RD for the Buffalo Run and Logan Peak. Jim’s caggy humor and insightful knowledge about racing will be a fantastic addition to our monthly guest writers.

Bear 100 race plans are now available from Ty Draney for $100. That’s a steal! You get a 5 month training plan form the master of the Bear. For more information CLICK HERE.


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