About TrailManners Podcast

The TrailManners crew is from the beautiful trails in Ogden, Utah

We’re here to connect you to wherever trail, ultra and mountain running takes us. We’ll chat with amazing athletes, discuss the latest topics and get you stoked for your next trail adventure.

ARIC W. MANNING – TrailManners Founder 

I feel extremely fortunate to have been involved with the trail running community since 2006. Whether it is running, racing, podcasting, race directing, being a team manager, product testing, HUMR founder or a volunteer- the friendships I have forged with so many amazing people will always be my greatest memories. Mountains and trails are my passions and I can’t say no to a good adventure.
Bringing TrailManners to life has been life changing and a dream come true. I am so happy Joel Hatch and I started this journey- now let’s see where else it can take us.

I’m Gunnar a.k.a The Gun Boat Captain

I absolutely love exploring and pretty much any trail adventure. I just love long runs in the mountains with my human….I mean, what could be more fun? I do tend to be on the quiet side but enjoy listening to all crazy adventures and all the other cool things people have to say. While I may not say much I love helping my human share the love of trails with others. He is a cheese curd and IPA guy and I like to keep it simple with a peanut butter treat. If you see me on the trail, say “Hi” and don’t forget to scratch behind my ears.

My Instagram Name: gunnar_the_runnar


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