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Singletrack Session #85

Hopefully better than when Nick Carter went solo from the Backstreet Boys but not nearly as good as Han Solo ...hopefully it will work for a week- Aric is alone and shaking but we bring you another week of the Singletrack Session. Show Notes: Episode #113- Recap-...

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Singletrack Session #84

Ricky Gate TransAmericana Contest. We have 3 tickets to give away, listen to find out how to enter. Show Notes: Ogden Trail Running Festival Kids K FILLED Trail Etiquette TrailManners Trailwork - April 25th Rickey Gates INSTAGRAM Contest Volunteers needed Ogden Trail...

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Singletrack Session #83

April is already here folks. We say good bye to one of the greats and discuss trips, races, contests, snobs and have some Ask TrailManners questions we need input on. Enjoy the show and remember to Taper Up baby! Show Notes: RIP Bill Dooper- we lost a good one Aric...

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Singletrack Session #82

March is winding down but running is starting to really heat up. Lot of action this past weekend plus- the Barkley Marathons course takes the top spot on the podium. Show Notes: Ogden Trail Running Festival Kids K registration OPEN TrailManners Tweener Hats - Get...

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Singletrack Session #81

Spring is here! This show brings some good, bad and ugly but starts with pure joy! Lots of things on the hit list this week- so get ready. XOXO Show Notes: Ogden Trail Running Kids K Sponsor announcement Altra was SOLD Camille Heron's health The Hornet- Broken Fibula...

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